Monday, May 7, 2012

Gold On The Ceiling

There are two reasons for the picking of this song. First, it is an awesome song. Second, I had the pleasure of seeing this song performed live and almost peed my pants. Don't even worry about this. I will admit I am not some long time fan of The Black Keys. I was actually conflicted in what I thought about them the first time I heard their music a couple years ago. As time went on I realized that they are musical geniuses, and I love them. This was a concert were all I wanted to do was dance, but at the same time I couldn't take my eyes of the musicians. I was glued to watching them play their instruments. They are so fantastic! What I am trying to say is go watch them live. They are incredible. That is pretty much all there is to it.

Oh I forgot to mention... IT'S FINALLY SUMMER!! I seriously want to start jumping up and down every time I say the word. Finals are over, and I can now start my summer of laying by the pool, and reading fifty novels. Would anyone like to join? Here is the list I am determined to finish by the end of summer! Ok, I will probably finish it by the end of the year but just play along with me.

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