Monday, April 23, 2012

Dark Days

Yes this song is from the Hunger Games soundtrack, but don't judge me for loving it. These two voices together melt me into a giant puddle on the floor. Speaking of things that melt me into giant puddles on the floor... The Lucky One.

Let's just say I pretty much died. I have a feeling this was mainly due to the presence of Zac Efron on the screen, but I am still not completely sure. The movie pretty much doesn't follow the book at all, but it gets the basic story. So if you read the book first DON'T GO IN COMPARING IT TO THE MOVIE! Believe me. I did this while watching the Hunger Games, and it pretty much ruined the movie for me. I started doing it during The Lucky One, but I would catch myself and remind myself that they were two different things with sort of the same story.

Well listen to this tunage, and then go see The Lucky One. Do this and you will pretty much be set on life. Not really, but you sure will feel that way! Happy Monday!

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