Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I don't really know what I want this post to be about. All I know is that I want to write. I know I am usually pretty random, but this might be something else. I am pretty much just going to write down everything that pops up in my head. I have to much stuff in there, and I need to get some of it out.

School is back in. Whoo!! I am actually really excited about this. I was getting extremely bored without work OR school. Now I am back doing both, and it is absolutely fantastic. It has been keeping me plenty busy. My classes have all been awesome so far. I even have a class with one of my best friend's! All I can say about that is pray for us that we pass. Haha

I think I am at another strange transition in my life. I don't really know what is going on, but I feel like the way things are should not be how they are. Does that make any sense at all? I think I need some major changes, but I am not sure what.

I have run into some bad luck lately. Actually, I usually tend to be pretty unlucky. I don't know why this is. Maybe it's because Heavenly Father knows I can take it. At least I thought I could. Lately it has kind of been one thing after another. You guys, I think I may have reached my breaking point! I didn't even know that was possible. The next few lines are going to be spiritual so if you don't dig that, just skip past this part. I have had some major rough patches in my life, and it's because of my faith I have been able to pull through. I have always felt a really personal connection with my Heavenly Father. Probably because I had to choose at a pretty young age whether to believe or not believe. My religion has always been something very close to my heart, and it has always been there as a constant support for me. These past couple months have been pretty tough for me. I have had to give up a lot of what I thought I wanted. I seriously had my whole life planned out you guys. Through recent experiences I have finally figured out why things have worked out the way they have. We can plan all we want, but in the end God has a plan for us and we have absolutely no idea what the heck it is. I thought I wanted one thing, but now I see that I need something completely different. Really, all I can say is stop planning so much! Just go with the flow. Don't expect things, and don't look for things. The things you need will come to you when you are ready. I know that God doesn't give us any trial that we can't handle. So even though I seem to be running into problem after problem, I know that somewhere down the line those will stop, and I will realize why they were there in the first place. I guess all I can really say is don't give up. DON'T EVER GIVE UP! You can do it people! We all have the power and strength to overcome anything that comes our way.
Wow. Well that kind of got a lot out of my head. Sorry for being so serious. Blah. On a more upbeat and less serious note... you guys, I signed up for the sailing club at the U. alwdefjlaekjfldkasjf I AM SO EXCITED! I have always wanted to learn to sail, so I am really just beyond stoked. It makes it even better that I have a friend to do it with. Hopefully I will have plenty of stories to tell about that. I am just pleased with how school is going. Life has been pretty overwhelming lately, but I really think that this next year is going to be a great one.
Very random side note. The Head And The Heart are coming to Utah... I feel like that is pretty much all I have to say. STOKED!
You guys, I literally have the best job on the planet. My kids are absolutely amazing, and I have some pretty awesome coworkers. This next year is going to be so fun, and I am sure it will be filled with all sorts of hilarious and crazy stories. One of my coworkers from last year just showed me a picture she took last year on crazy hair day...My hair was purple. A word of advice to all of you out there. Never dye your hair purple when you have to wear a red polo to work every day. It hurts the eyes. I think this year I will find a more complimentary color to red ;)
 Well, I think I have gotten a good amount of stuff out of my head. Goodbye all you lovely people.
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