Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Revolution

You guys I have a confession. I am absolutely obsessed with the Step Up movies. Go ahead and make fun. I know the acting is incredibly cheesy, but the on. A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure to go and see the fourth one, Step Up Revolution. I have never seen worse acting in my life, yet I came out loving it! The dancing in this one is freaking crazy you guys!

I think one of the reasons I love them so much is because its like tradition. One of my best friends is also obsessed with them. Every time we found out a new one was coming out, you know we were on the phone calling each other and absolutely freaking out. We have seen all of them together (except the third one, because that one stunk). This last one was amazing, but the closest to our hearts will always be the second one. It is all because of one person...

You guys, I can't describe the love I have for this man. He pretty much makes the movie! As we were sitting in our theater seats watching the fourth one, we waited. We waited for one part. There was only one person we wanted to see. We grew impatient and were becoming more disappointed by the second when we realized the movie was coming to an end and nothing had happened. But then...

The end.

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