Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Great Salt Lake

So this past Thursday was the Band of Horses concert. Let's not get into how excited I was for this concert. This concert may or may not have been the concert I had been looking forward to the entire summer. It may or may not have been absolutely FANTASTIC!

For me, this was a concert where I knew most of the songs, but not the words. Does that make any sense? I love Band of Horses, but it's not like they are my all time favorite band. I really enjoy their music though, and knew it was going to be a great concert. All I wanted was for them to play my favorite song, which is this one here.

Guess what!? They played it! Whooo! My night was complete. I also couldn't leave the concert without a Band of Horses concert tee now could I? Here is an outfit post of my awesome new shirt!

You can't really see it here, but I am definitely wearing horse earrings. I was feeling quite festive.

skirt/Kohls :: shirt/Band of Horses concert :: vest/from mom :: toms/JMR

Sorry about my gnarly Toms. It might be time to get a new pair soon. Sadly, these ones are probably the best looking pair I have. Oops.

Other than going to awesome concerts, my weekend has consisted of a big ol' family reunion. I actually quite enjoy family reunions. It has been awesome seeing all my cousins I usually don't get to see. It is my great grandmas 90th birthday, so it is sort of a family reunion/birthday extravaganza. It is quite splendid.

I hope everyone is having a delightful weekends. Mine has been filled with lots of cake and cookies, games, and memories. What could be better?

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