Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Favs

I decided it's about time to share some blogs that I am loving. I am pretty obsessed with blogs, so it was extremely difficult to narrow it down. I decided to make up some categories to make it a little easier. All these ladies are awesome. Check them out!

Laugh Attack

This is my go to blog when I need a little pick me up, or if I am in a humorous mood. Her blog never fails to kill me with her witty humor. I seriously laugh out loud.

Best Style

I am absolutely obsessed with this beautiful ladies style. It is so relaxed, but classy. Not to mention her hair is the greatest thing on earth.

All Time Fav

I know I have mentioned the lovely Elizabeth's blog on here multiple times, but she continues to be my favorite. I love hearing about her awesome life in Tacoma, and she has the greatest style EVER! She is just awesome.

New Find

I just recently came across the hilarious Anna's cute as a button blog. This blog is so fun to read. She is hilarious, open, and has posted some of the funniest videos I have probably ever seen. Love it.

New Inspiration
Awkward Girls
I am IN LOVE with this blog you guys. So much that I convinced my bestie to start a similar one with me. It is currently under construction, but we will be going public sometime in the next two weeks. Get ready, and thank you to the Awkward Girls for the awesome inspiration!

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