Monday, July 23, 2012

Life Lately

Whoo! Time for some life lately. Here is a little peek into my day-to-day life. Enjoy!

 SRB <3
 Tanner Park adventures!

New Car!!

  I love my Papa.


 Surprise for Elder Aldous.

 I will experience this!


I have struggles sometimes. Good ol' autocorrect.

Fly free

 FINALLY finished a roll of film.


Delicious Chai Latte thingy!

New record player! Words can't begin to describe how stoked I am!

I need this book. Now.

 Goodbye little Volvo :( best first car.
I think the lil' bro was bored.

 Hike to Donut Falls.
Demi Lovato. Livin' the childhood dream!

Gardening with the kiddies.

I love my job!!

 Getting stoked for Europe! London, Paris, and Barcelona!

VERY strong Ginger Ale!


Well there ya go! My life lately in a nutshell. Follow me on instagram! @shelbyrichins

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