Sunday, July 15, 2012


So let's get one thing straight... as of July 15, 2012 I have seen The Amazing Spider-man a total of three times. Do I have a problem? Absolutely not!

The reason for seeing this film three times may or may not be because of this unreal, amazing, gorgeous couple right here.

It may or may not be because of this specific actor either.

I may or may not have almost died when I saw the above picture for the first time. Just saying. It may or may not be the background of my phone. Creepy? Absolutely not!

I guess all I have to say is I am completely OBSESSED with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. Believe me, I don't really get into Hollywood couples. It has never really been my thing, but when I saw these two together... I died. They ARE the most perfect couple on the entire freaking planet I kid you not! This was my thinking for a couple weeks. Then I found out something horrible. I found out something that changed everything.

Andrew Garfield is British.

Emma Stone, I love you and you two are as cute as pie, but the above statement just made this a whole new ball game. This changes things. We may have a problem.

The End

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