Saturday, June 30, 2012


There comes a time in your life when you realize doing things by yourself is actually ok. You don't always have to have someone to count on, and you don't always have to constantly be with people. Sometimes all you need is some ME time. It is kind of crazy how nice this is. Being completely content in being independent, and knowing that your happiness is not dependent on any one person. That should never be the case. I believe that people need to learn to be happy with themselves first. We can't be completely dependent on someone else to make us happy. That is just not how it works. Yes, I am talking about relationships.

I witnessed a pretty crazy Facebook conversation the other day about a girl blaming men for her unhappiness, pretty much. She thought that men needed to change and treat women better, and that she was sick of what men had become. That they needed to higher their standards and go for better girls. I don't even know. It was a little ridiculous. All I could think was, "Who freaking cares!" Why are you letting all the guys in the world that suck determine your happiness? Yes, guys definitely suck now a days but so do girls! There don't seem to be many standards anymore, but why let that get you down! People are so focused on being in relationships that they forget that you actually can be happy without someone. It really is possible people! I do not know this girl, but I have a feeling that if she took the time to just sit back and forget about boys for a little while, if she took the time to work on herself and being happy as an independent woman, she would find that type of guy she was looking for. She would find that guy with "higher standards" because when you learn to be happy with yourself it gives you confidence, and confidence is what gets you through all the losers. This goes for men as well.

This was definitely just a ramble, but I think people need to hear this. Especially girls. So for all you gals out there, a guy doesn't define you. They don't determine your happiness, you do. If you are not happy it is because you are choosing not to be. Don't let not having a guy make you feel unwanted, sad, lonely, and confused. We are all freaking beautiful and I think it's about time that we choose to be happy for ourselves, and not let some stinker guy do that for us. Same for all you guys out there. Don't let us women control your happiness. Everyone, just do it for yourself.

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