Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Picture Perfect

So I just turned in another assignment for my photography class today, and I realized just how hard it is to capture a photo that you see perfectly in your head. This could be due to the fact that when you picture a photo in your head it looks absolutely stunning! haha
This last photo assignment we had to make a list of ten things that make our heart beat faster. I had so many wonderful things in my head, but when I developed my photos.... it was very disappointing. I guess the reason for this is because it is so hard to capture emotion in a photograph. For example, when you go on a hike. You spend hours hiking up to the top of a mountain, and after all the sweating and tears (yes sometimes tears) you look up and there is the most beautiful image you have ever seen. No matter how hard you try, you can't get how beautiful it really is in a picture. That is because it is all about the experience of getting to that point, and everything that leads up to it.
One of the things on my list was holding hands. That is such a simple photograph. It is so hard to get into the photo why that makes my heart beat faster. The photograph can't tell you that I liked this boy for a year before we finally held hands, and when we did it made my heart beat like crazy and my stomach was exploding with butterflies!
I guess this could be due to the fact that it takes about 1/60 of a second to take a picture. Not a lot of time to get much emotion in there! Oh well. Haha What can you do about that?!


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