Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekly Song (On Tuesday)

Wow! I am a major loser, and I have had absolutely no time to do any posts! I need to pick it up! This week is mid-terms so it is insanely busy. All my teachers are trying to pack in as much as they can before our week long break next week. I will probably have a lot more posts next week because what else am I going to do! My goal is going to be at least five. Hopefully I can at least do that!

So I missed my weekend recap AND my weekly song! So I am going to do both of those today! haha.
I had a very fun weekend! Of course me being me, I totally spaced on the whole camera aspect of it. Sooo no pictures :( so unfortunate! To start of Curtis and I went and saw 50/50! All I can say is this movie was absolutely incredible! I had been waiting to see it for about a month and a half, so I was behond stoked to see it on Friday. All I can say is I want to see it again! It is hilarious for being a movie about cancer. The acting is so incredible! I am just so impressed and in love with it. Definitlely go see it! I say it is worth your money.

So that was my awesome Friday! On Saturday I had a really busy day. I practically spent my entire day at the darkroom trying to develop my film for an assignment that was due in my darkroom photography class today. I am really know good at loading my own film. It serioulsy took me like 15 minutes! I really hope that I can get a bit faster than that. haha

I am sooo excited for our next assignment! We are having more of a focus on the depth of field we use and using a longer shutter speed to capture things in motion. One of the requirements of this assignment is making a list of "10 things that make your heart beat faster." I am having so much fun with this concept! What I love about this project is it is not about going out and trying to find a good picture, but it is creating it in your mind and transfering that onto film. I am so stoked to begin!

Anyway, after my many hours at the darkroom I got to hang out with some girlfriends! It was so awesome. At first we wanted to go to a haunted house. We were supposed to go with a big group, but in the end it only ended up being four of us! haha So while we were standing in line with a bunch of seventh graders, we decided we did not want to pay $20 to go with such a small group. It really isn't as much fun with a small group. Instead we went to Village Inn were I had an incredible meal! They do this thing were you pick for items, and it is only like six bucks! And they are good things like crepes and french toast! I am an absolute sucker for breakfast for dinner! It was so fun to just hang out with girls considering I don't do that very often. Pretty much the entire night consists of luaghing so hard we all start to cry. Such good times!

Now for the weekly song that I forgot to do yesterday! I have composed quite a playlist this week, but the lucky winner this week is Satellite Heart by Anya Marina. I really love this song. The guitar is so pretty. It is kind of funny though. I was driving in my car and I had just listened to this song. I pulled up to a stop light and the car next to me is playing this song! haha Of course I started to sing along to the music that was not in my own car. It was just to tempting! It was just like, "Hey, I know this song!" I just thought that was extremely random and quite a coincidence.


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