Monday, October 24, 2011


I am back! Whoo! My computer unfortunately had an illness known as the virus. Not a very good thing I must say. This is why I have failed to post anything for a week. But it is back and running, and hopefully it is all fixed! I had the most fabulous weekend. Mostly because I got to hang out with my best friend in the entire world Sarah! She has lived in California for most our life, but now she goes to school in Utah and I get to see her a lot more often! It is the best thing in the entire world.
As I took a short break from this thing we call the Internet, I pondered about what I really want this blog to be, and the truth is... I have no idea. I thought I wanted it to be all about fashion, and my personal style, but now that I have started I don't know if that is what I really want anymore. It has proven to be difficult for me. I feel like as I read back on my few posts, this blog really isn't about me. I feel like I got so caught up in what it should be, instead of just expressing myself through it.
So all I have to say is I don't know what this blog will be about anymore. I think I will still try to do the outfit posts, but I want this blog to be about what inspires me. So many things inspire me. I want this to be a place where I can put it down and remember it for a later day that I might need it. I want this to be about my life in college and the friends I make. I want this to be about my relationship, and how it progresses.
Hopefully this change will be one for the better, because I have just realized that it doesn't matter what people think. This is for me.
On that note here is the song that has inspired me this week. Of course it is another Thrice song! Only one more week until the concert!!!!! This weeks song is called The Melting Point Of Wax.
I just love Thrice. Thank you to Curtis for introducing them to me!

I hope whoever reads this blog is ok with the changes. Now you can get a taste of the real me.

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