Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Five Fantastic Things

Whoo!!!! Here is this weeks Five Fantastic things! I love doing this post.

  1. Finding out all the classes that you have to take to complete your major! I don't know why, but this is really exciting for me.
  2. Ham on pizza! I have been really into this lately.
  3. Seeing people with crazy cool colors in their hair. I saw someone today with turquoise in her hair. It definitely inspired me!
  4. Breakfast for dinner :)
  5. Ellen Degeneres! One of my favorite people ever! She never fails to bring tears to my eyes from laughter.
Well there are some pretty fantastic things. I really am thinking about the whole turquoise hair thing. Not my whole head! Maybe just a streak or something! I did manage to take pictures of my outfit today so it is a double whammy!

I am still getting used to the whole taking pictures of myself, so bare with me! It is proving to be harder than I thought it would be. I don't know why it is proving to be so difficult for me haha. I really like this outfit. This cardigan thing is a piece that I just absolutely love! My mom was the one who thrifted it. When we had a garage sale this ended up outside, so I quickly stole it and brought it to the safety of my closet!

These boots sometimes are not the most comfortable to walk in, but I just love them! I got them for Christmas last year, and they have had a lot of use! I wore them almost every day in the winter.

dress/target : : cardigan/thrifted : : tights/mom's closet : : boots/nordstrom : : belt/mom's closet

Well today has proven to be a good day. I finally had the time to do another outfit post. I really need to figure out this whole situation haha. I am just so busy with school that I usually forget about it. I did miss the bus today because I was taking these pictures. I had to run up the dang street! This has happened more than once. It seems like the times I am running late are the only time EVER that the bus is actually on time! Oh well what can you do.

Well I hope everyone has had a splendid Wednesday. Yay for the middle of the week!

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