Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So I am going to try my first outfit post! I would not exactly call this one a success. I hope that I will get better as time goes on. So bear with me for these first few haha I really am liking the color mustard, but unfortunately I don't really have anything besides this shirt that is mustard. What is even more unfortunate is that it isn't even mine, it's my mom's haha good thing she is good at sharing!

I really love this wood ring that I have. I am being extra careful with it, because I accidentally cracked the band from playing with it. Oops! I got this ring in California when I went to go visit my best friend this summer. It was only $5 which I thought was a steal!

shirt/ mom's closet (anthropologie) : : levis/ UO : : shoes/ American Eagle : : necklace/ mom's closet : : wooden ring/ street vendor : : gold ring/ mom's closet 

You can't really tell in this picture, but these shoes are a little worn out. I have seriously had them since like ninth grade and I still wear them. They are pretty much slippers which is the best thing ever. They also go with everything which is really nice.

I am hoping that my new camera comes in the mail tomorrow! I had to go buy two rolls of film which ended up costing me a whopping $16! Not to stoked about that. They were also out of negative sleeves which was also a problem. Looks like I am going to have to spend some time on Amazon this week trying to snag some good deals on camera stuff. My darkroom photography class is ending up costing me a fortune, but it somehow seems to remain my favorite class. Probably because it is an awesome skill to have. I hope I never forget how to do it, because I seriously just love it.

Well know I get to go to the good ol' job at the aftercare. I start to get my own group today so wish me luck!!

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