Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Five Fantastic Things

1. The days when I wake up and my hair is NOT flying in a million different directions

2. Realizing a musical artist you love just released a new album, and you don't have to wait 5 months for it to come out!

3. When friends come to visit you :)

4. Chicken Enchiladas

5. When that crazy guy in your Severe Weather class (don't judge) continues to say the most ridiculous things that make you laugh to yourself for ten minutes straight!

I wish I had some cool header or design for this post, but I am not skilled like that. Instead you get just plain old text! Yay! I think I am going to do a post like this every week. It is nice to just sit back and think of the little crazy things that make life beautiful, and put a smile on your face. It is so refreshing!


  1. This made me smile. It is nice to hold on to those little things that make a day worthwhile

  2. Rachel,

    I am glad this made you smile. Sometimes those little random things are really what get me through the days! haha