Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Marvelous Weekend

This weekend was a date weekend. I went on pretty much TWO dates with my love (aka Curtis) and it was awesome. It was nice to be out and about for a little while. On Friday (the actual date) we went to dinner at Rodizio Grill which was absolutely fantastic! Then we went to go see Midnight in Paris (again) at the Broadway Theater, but they didn't take American Express so that didn't end up working out. It was ok though. It was still fun to just spend time with each other!

On Saturday it was a complete accident that we pretty much went out on another date. We decided to go to our favorite restraunt Cinegrill! We have been going to Cinegrill frequently for the past two and a half years. We love it! The atmosphere is great for just talking. It is nice because it usually is just a bunch of old people, so you just sit and listen to the piano player and talk. No noisy children! haha

This pizza is usually what we always get when we go. It is amazing!!! Pepperoni with feta cheeses crumbled on top. What could be better!

This picture is pretty awful, but I absolutely love this wall painting! This spans an entire wall of the restaurant. It has such a fun feel to it.

This picture is in no way flattering to me, but it never fails to absolutely crack me up! Curtis just had the most perfect timing to take it while that lady in the back was taking a HUGE bite of food! hahaha These little moments never fail to put a smile on my face. It is just brilliant.

After this we didn't know what to do so we went to a drive-in movie! I absolutely love drive-ins. We went and saw Contangion. It is kind of depressing. The first five minutes of the movie your are just like, wait what? How long has the movie been going for? haha So Curtis and I had to fun nights full of fun!

Today was fun to! Curtis and I went and took some pictures! I have to have an entire roll of film done by my next photo class on Tuesday, so I stressing a bit. You wouldn't think it is hard, but I want to feel like every picture is worth it considering film is so dang expensive. Curtis and I also went to his grandma and grandpa's house to celebrate his grandpa's 80th birthday! Whoo keep it going grandpa haha of course there were all sorts of delicious treats to be had, and then we went to Trio aferwards to get dinner. Dessert is always so much better when you have it before dinner. I need to make sure I work out major this week. Eating out three days in a row is not really agreeing with me!

I have been a major slacker and have only had one outfit post in the last week. I have come to realize that this is extremely hard! haha I am barely home, so I am always trying to fit something in. My goal this week is to at least do three. I am really bummed to because I loved the clothes a wore this weekend. Oh well. What can you do? Hopefully I can find some more time for it this weekend.

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

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