Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Five Fantastic Things

  1. Skirts that reach you knee. I feel like skirts that reach the knee are a lot more flattering and classy. Just my opinion. I also feel like they are a lot more comfortable. Don't have to worry about bending down, and showing off everything. Haha Sorry boys.
  2. Colorful things. There is just something about colorful things that bring a smile to my face. 
  3. Old Pictures. I LOVE going through old pictures of myself. I like to see how I have changed, and how the people around me have. Pictures are the best way to capture memories. 
  4. Summer concerts. There is nothing better than going to an outdoor concert in the summer. I am specifically thinking of Red Butte. I can picture it now. The beautiful mountains in the background, a blanket to sit on, a lovely picnic to enjoy while waiting, and of course enjoying some awesome music while feeling a nice summer breeze. Pure bliss I tell you.
  5. Having enough to find new music. I was able to do this on Sunday, and I was beyond thrilled. I never have the time to find/listen to new music, so when I do I take full advantage of it! There is something so relaxing about it. It is for sure one of my favorite things.
Have a fantastic day everyone!

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