Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I love you mom. Don't think I was going to forget about you. You were on the list the whole time. People say that it is not good to have a mom as a best friend, but I disagree! Who's better than your mom?! You only ever want what is best for me, and would do anything for me. So thank you. I am so grateful to have a mom like you. I know I get caught up in life pretty quickly, but I always love you. Thanks for always being there for me, and giving me advice. Even if I don't take it sometimes, I still appreciate it. Thanks for helping become the person I am today. I wouldn't be where I am without you. You have reminded me that sometimes love is enough, and to remember to not be so selfish sometimes and think of others. Thank you for that! I love you mama. Thank you for everything.



  1. Shelby you are a sweetheart. Your mama is lucky to have you for a daughter.

  2. Shelbs,
    I have no words! Lucky, doesn't even begin to explain it. Just when I think you can't get any sweeter...U just do! U've taken time to thank us but what we really should be doing, is thanking u. U have become a better daughter, example and friend than I ever could of imagined you being. You bring such light to everyone in your life. Anyone who knows you, just melts with one look in those big blue eyes. U are beautiful and have the most adorable personality. Being around you, just leaves you wanting more. Although, we may not always see eye to eye... cause you might just be the most stubborn person I know (U get that from your dad. Haha.) I think being stubborn has become one of your strengths. You are a girl with a plan, that you have never lost sight of. U have learned to be tolerant, forgiving and selfless. U know when its important to bend and when its time to stand your ground. U have mastered the art of moving forward and not looking back. When u love, you love with ur whole heart. U are loyal, trustworthy and the best listener I know. U know the importance of thinking of other people, besides yourself. U are always up for new things and new challenges. U make everyone around you, want to be a better people. So today, I thank you for being u. I'm so glad you stand alone, in our sea of boys in this family. I can't imagine sharing my life and my closet with anyone else. U are as good as they get. I love you more than words sister. I really, really do!
    Love, your mama