Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Troy Bolton

Haha so I literally just saw you like 15 minutes ago. Life is great. I am glad I actually have ONE friend that goes to the U. So we have kind of been friends since like seventh grade. I don't know if I ever could have survived junior high without you. You were exactly the friend I needed at that time of my life, and I am so grateful for your friendship. You are the friend that I now only see every once in a while, but when I do it is like nothing has changed. We just pick up right where we left off! I just wanted to tell you that you are awesome, and thank you for not taking things seriously ever. That is what I love about you. You just go with the flow, and it is awesome! Man, I seriously am just here in the library cafe, laughing to myself about all the things we have been through together. One word... BOYS! haha Hey it all worked out in the end. Well I think you are absolutely beautiful, and you have one of the greatest personalities in the entire world. I am sure of it. Don't change. Deal? Love you.

Bop to the Top

P.S- Starbucks, Superman, Smallville, Indiana Jones, Spongebob, Nemo, Buzzlightyear, and about a million more.

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