Monday, February 27, 2012

Safe & Sound

So I have been failing miserably with my birthday goals, so I am going to try to get back on track with some of my weekly blog posts! First up is Music Monday!!! Oh how I have missed this. First song... Taylor Swift. Yes go ahead and make fun. The reason I have chosen this song is because I am absolutely in LOVE with the music video. A lot of people haven't been fans of the music video, but I find it absolutely lovely. I am in awe of the simplicity of it all. It has a nice vintage/eery feel which I always appreciate. I don't know. It just really intrigues me, and I have found myself watching it over and over again. Please enjoy.
p.s- Since I am already showcasing some T Swift I might as well put this next video up. This video just makes me smile. I don't really know what it is! Haha I just find it hilarious.


  1. that zac and taylor video is sooo cute!

    1. I know right! This video still makes me laugh, and I have watched it like 50 times!